Travel photography tips and tricks from Dennis Stever

L'Officiel Arabia sits down with travel photographer Dennis Stever
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 It's easier to travel and more accessible to travel compared to any other point in human history - but sometimes our travel snaps can be left wanting. L'Officiel Arabia met up with Dennis Stever - who uses an iPhone 11 Pro - to learn how we can all take better photos. Here are his top tips... 

1. Shoot in the dark: The iPhone’s Night Mode feature allows you to capture brilliant photos in low light, using long shutter speeds up to 30 seconds. When Night Mode is enabled, moving or shaking will create a blurry image, so remaining still or using a tripod is important.

 2Portrait mode, isn’t just for portraits! Portrait mode allows you to create a shallow depth of field, blurring the background behind a subject. It’s a great way to draw attention to detail.

3. Rule of thirds: when taking your next photo, think about splitting the image into thirds. Placing objects along these lines tend to create a well-balanced image. 

4. Photo Geotagging: Traveling in the wilderness, beyond the Arctic Circle often means visiting isolated places that can be challenging to find on a map. With the Photo Geotagging feature, it will be easy to revisit these locations or share them with friends.

5. Durability: Extreme weather conditions can be problematic for both cameras and phones. From the desert heat, to the frozen wilderness; each provides its fair share of challenges. An adventurous toboggan run, at -15°c was a great test. In fact, I opted to leave my DSLR camera in the car for this one. 


Credit: all images were taken by Dennis Stever. Find out more about his work here. 


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