Talking Angles

Upside down. Sometimes it's just time to change perspective.
Coat: Marni, Hat: Innominate, Shoes: Prada

"When life turns you upside down... simply adjust your view!"

Even if our everyday life is currently being literally turned upside down, let's just take a different perspective and let Aleksander Santo's pictures speak for themselves. 

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Image1: Dress: MM6 Maison Margiela; Image3: Dress: Innominate
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Image2: Dress: Akris Punto, Skirt: Balenciago, Shoes: Maison Margiela, Hat: Mango
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Image2: Suit: Innominate; Image3: Suit: Maison Margiela MM6, Ring: Vintage, Shoes: Casadei; Image4: Suit: Maison Margiela MM6, Ring: Vintage

Team credits

Photographer : Aleksander Santo

Stylist : Alena Pryamikova

Make up artist and Hair stylist : Sevil Tai

Model : Nastya Belochkina


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