Water Report

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LIPS: Kiss & Blush Nr.6, Yves Saint Laurent, double play of colour for lips and cheeks. SKIN: Touche Éclat Le Teint, Beige B10, Yves Saint Laurent, an ultra-light fluid, the texture uniforms the complexion and hides imperfections, sublimating the natural beauty of the skin.
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vintage swimsuit: KWAY
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EYES: Signature De Chanel, an eyeliner of intense and long-lasting colour that signs the eye with a modular stroke; Rouge Allure Liquid Powder (956 - Invincible) Matt Lipstick used as eyeshadow. 90’s vintage petticoat: VALENTINO
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vintage swimsuit: KWAY, vintage sheepskin coat: ARMANI
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vintage sheepskin coat: ARMANI

Photographer, Artistic Director & Stylist: Paco Di Canto

Make-Up: Martina Saporito

Model: Petra at Women Management Milano

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