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Gucci Epilogue: The Final Act of A Fairy Tale

Symbolically bringing about the end of a system, the presentation shows an unbridled search for different ways of thinking and acting.
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Featuring its own playlist and 12-hour streaming, the collectionm designed by Alessandro Michele, comes from a particular desire of the Italian designer to complete his latest project, An Unrepeatable Ritual. Entitled Epilogue, it appears as the final chapter of a story that aims to question the rules, roles and functions that keep the fashion world going every day, even today.

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Inverting the traditional perspectives of fashion, viewers are taken to an almost surrealistic path, where things are upside down and the look is always elsewhere. Along this path, the locations that Alessandro Michele chose for Epilogue's advertising campaign echo the striking contrasts that perfectly shape the story created by the designer - a real-life fairy tale.

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The grand and imposing locations were Campo Boario and Palazzo Sacchetti in Rome, offering a fascinating view of the eclectic group of people who star in the scenes, led by directors Damiano and Fabio D´Innocenzo and photographed by Alec Soth.

Finally, the Epilogue appears as the final act of a play, leaving open spaces for deep questions. Divided into three parts, the idea consists first of the presentation of the sacred magic behind everything, the collective intelligence that makes possible the enchantment of beauty - An Unrepeatable Ritual. The second part is the advertising campaign launched in May 2020, which caused Alessandro Michele to abdicate his role as obsessive director - self-styled. Models built their own images and acted as photographers, producers and set designers; The third part: the Epilogue putting an end to a very well-told story. The clothes being used by those who created them, making the designers themselves enjoy their own poetry. An inversion of roles that makes reference to empathy - one of the most important virtues for the human being today.

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"It is an inevitably partial investigation, as well as intentionally distorted: an unbalanced game in which I tried to dismantle the scaffolding, turn things upside down, change the look elsewhere, challenge the grammars by which we try to name the mystery of beauty,'' explains Alessandro Michele.

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Gucci Epilogue

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