Fashion Week

Louis Vuitton 2021 Spring-Summer

Equipping the Louis Vuitton La Samaritaine store with 360 degrees cameras, Nicolas Ghesquière created the atmosphere of watching the fashion show from the front seat in the audience.

The looks that resemble the silhouette of the 80s have long been the signature of Nicolas Ghesquière. But it was angels that gave them the air of Wings of Desire, a Wim Winder classic. Angels that do not represent a gender, reflect the balance between femininity and masculinity, in Nicolas Ghesquière's words. He also refers to the freedom of people who dress the way they want and don't care who thinks what. The designer opened the show with a "vote" t-shirt. Saying that it is not certain how much these days we live in will affect fashion, Ghesquière says that we should focus on more inclusive issues that include everyone.


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