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Max Mara 2020 autumn collection - escape to the sea

Artists, poets, composers, singers and philosophers - from William Shakespeare to Stevie Nicks, from TS Eliot to Tracey Emin, from Jeanette Winterson to Jean Genet - have all been influenced by the magic of the sea. The new Max Mara collection conveys this fascination.
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The ocean is a powerful metaphor for the human condition: danger and hope, love and longing, bravery and vanity. The stories of ships and sailors are universal. "In civilizations without ships," said Michel Foucault, "dreams dry."


The Max Mara woman has been dreaming a lot lately. Tired of the secret conventions of corporate life, she sits at her desk and imagines escaping to sea. In her dreams she is the captain of her own ship, determined to face the waves and accept her fate. Looking north, from Morocco to Murmansk, she imagines the endless expanses of icy water. As she draws her travel map, she feels an unexpected romantic inner momentum.

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What can we find in the wardrobe of this modern adventurer? The nautical theme dictates a range of different silhouettes and new ways of combining the traditional Max Mara colors: camel yellow, gray, white and of course, navy blue. Here you will find a wide variety of coats: warm military coats, cloaks, caban wide coats and duffle coats decorated with elongated buttons and tassels. Elegant robe-de-chambres in a bathrobe are tied around the waist with an elegant rope.


Elegant ruffles adorn the shoulders and sleeves and asymmetrical skirts of classic camel wool coats and striped jackets with dramatically upward flaps at the sides. The comfortable Max Mara doudoune jacket is perfect for harsh weather with a durable nylon outer layer and a cashmere wool inside. Of course, a lot of luggage must be taken on an epic sea adventure. So the Max Mara Marine bag is a bulky and soft shape that resembles the boat's keel.

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MAX MARA 2020 autumn collection:



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Photos by MAX MARA Fashion House

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