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The modern romanticism of Giambattista Valli

A trip to the Amalfi Coast, to discover an ethereal woman with a rock spirit
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Giambattista Valli with his Spring / Summer 2021 collection rekindles our imagination and makes the eyes travel, recalling the magic of distant gardens and uncontaminated nature, such as the terraced lemon houses of Positano, a tribute to holidays on the Amalfi Coast. The dresses are extremely feminine with strong, elegant, modest and moderate see-through effect that gives the woman an ethereal sensuality. It is a riot of fabrics as light as air, including chiffon, georgette and Chantilly lace. The belt marks the waist and enhances the silhouette in a delicate way. Valli plays with the hem lines of long and short skirts, in cotton, heavy poplin and floral prints. Fluid georgette prints with rose branches, palm leaves and flower buds blend with the bodice and skirt part. Using needle and thread embroidery and black sequins, the looks can go for the day or for the evening. The dresses in sorbet tulle in cedar, aqua, lime and peach give evening tones, as Valli evokes the senses through the colors of the Tyrrhenian coast. La donna di Valli is a porcelain-skinned doll with black smokey eyes, she walks on the catwalk with grace and tenacity; the bow in the hair is combined with rock details such as sequined shorts and miniskirts and cat-eye glasses. It is a collection that combines different souls: the romantic one that refers to the imagination of the woman-angel and the tenacious and decisive one, more earthly, who does not want to stop dreaming.



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