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Volga Vintage Show

Riga Fashion Week

Volga Vintage (Latvia)

The boldest vintage fashion house VOLGA, is delighted to be part of RIGA FASHION WEEK for the 3rd time in a row. VOLGA proves that fashion and art are irreversibly interconnected, and one searches inspiration in the other endlessly. This time, VOLGA demolishes the wall between art and fashion once again, and invites you to explore the initial house and shelter of art - the museum.

VOLGA is a high-level vintage store based in Riga. VOLGA’s collections are carefully discovered and hand-picked from existing pre-owned pieces all over the world. The selection varies from the world’s most famous brands, to incredible unique no-name pieces.


Photos by Arkady Gluhih

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RFW Afterparty - Volga Vintage Show @ Coyote Fly Lounge Club

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