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Starred French restaurants, 3 addresses

Three must-see stops for lovers of high cuisine from beyond the Alps
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The combination of France and haute cuisine has always been a certainty. Only in Paris there are 122 starred restaurants , while in the rest of the country the competition with forks is maintained at very high levels for decades. For lovers of excellent food and wine experiences the choice is very wide, both among French chefs and expatriate chefs to learn the culinary art, then left to start their own restaurant. To avoid getting lost in the pages of the Michelin guide , here is our selection of three starred French restaurants that are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime:

Arpège, Paris, chef Alain Passard

For Alain Passard , sensitivity in the kitchen is a matter of genes. Inherited from the gastronomic grandmother with whom he sat in front of the fire and visited the market, the tristellato chef of the Arpège in Paris breathes air of cuisine from an early age. Today, at 84 rue de Varenne , he proposes a paper that preserves the true essence of raw materials , enhancing colors, nuances and natural scents, in a continuous search for purity. For over twenty years he has dedicated himself to experimentation with vegetables, which he enhances through cooking techniques such as embers and flambé . Passing through the French capital it is therefore mandatory to stop at the Arpège to enjoy a meal in a bright Art-Déco style room, where the elegant and essential mise en place gives way to the brilliant colors of Passard's recipes.

Image Credits Douglas Mc Wall, Sophie Rolland


Mirazur, Menton, chef Mauro Colagreco

On the border with Italy and with a breathtaking view of the sea. This is how Mauro Colagreco decided to tell his gastronomic world, which speaks Italian and at the same time embraces his Spanish accent. Fresh from the third Michelin star, the Mirazur is a real jewel of the French Riviera, to be discovered not only for the large windows that frame the blue of the Mediterranean, but above all for the dishes offered in the free-hand menu. Following the inspirations dictated by the seasons and by the ingredients of the Riviera, the dishes with solid and deep colors of Colagreco explode in a game of contrasts on the palate, while herbs and vegetables from local producers express the strength of the surrounding territory.

Image Credits Mirazur


Clos des Sens, Annecy-le-Vieux, chef Laurent Petit

Laurent Petit , a chef at Clos des Sens, loves to call himself a craftsman of the kitchen , three Michelin stars with an annexed Relais & Chateaux hotel , nestled among forests not far from the Swiss border. The proximity to Lake Annecy and its mountain landscape, are an irresistible attraction in the kitchen, a continuous stimulus for the chef's creativity, which recreates the emotion of his encounters with nature in every dish. Playing with unusual ingredients and lake fish that are often unknown to the general public, it manages to amaze with their delicacy, aiming towards a pure menu that pushes towards the unexplored territories of taste. Highly recommended for a rejuvenating experience, the visit to Clos des Sens is not complete without peeking into the chef's secret garden , immersing himself in the scents of aromatic herbs cultivated by the gardener Lionel Perron .

Image Credits Clos des Sens


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