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FENDI opens a pop-up cafe in Selfridges

The legendary Italian fashion house FENDI has opened its signature café under the roof of London's iconic Selfridges department store. The menu features exclusive cocktails, snacks and coffees decorated with the FF brand logo.
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The news of the opening of the pop-up cafe FENDI appeared just in time for the holidays, immediately after the announcement that London cafes and restaurants had reopened. The establishment replaced the 14-seat champagne bar The Fount, located in the heart of the Selfridges accessory hall, on the first floor of the famous department store.

The design concept of the cafe is inspired by the new FENDI ROMA Holiday collection with its characteristic color palette. The surfaces, dishes, coasters and napkins are decorated in a powdery pink shade. So, especially for the opening of the pop-up establishment, a set of pink champagne glasses was created.

The sophisticated pink blends harmoniously with the signature bright yellow that is featured on the bar stools and porcelain cups adorned with the traditional FENDI Pequin stripe print.

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© Fendi

The Instagram-friendly establishment looks bright, stylish and fresh. Branded cappuccino with a chocolate FF logo on fluffy foam or a cocktail with ice cubes in the form of the same FF promises visitors to revive their social media feed with spectacular photos from the inimitable FENDI CAFFE.

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© Fendi

A step away from the bar, the Italian fashion house offers unisex bags and leather accessories from the new FENDI ROMA Holiday collection, which serve as design elements for the signature cafe. An invigorating collection of bright colors brings a touch of festive charm to a winter wardrobe for women and men clothing and accessories. The collection is available for sale both in the cafe and on the floors above.

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© Fendi

The trendy café is ideal for those looking to combine a relaxing holiday break with a pleasant shopping experience. The pop-up establishment will operate in the very center of London on Oxford Street until January 2021.

Elena Medvednikova

interior designer, head of the SVOBODA studio, lecturer at the British Higher School of Art and Design

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