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Gucci Osteria, Massimo Bottura’s Restaurant, Earns Its First Michelin Star

The restaurant was awarded the prize less than two years after its opening.
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Food and fashion - these are the two themes celebrated by Gucci Osteria, Massimo Bottura's restaurant that has just earned its first Michelin star. Located in Florence, in the Gucci Garden, the venture was born from the partnership of two great childhood friends, Marco Bizzarri, the brand's CEO, and the Italian chef, Bottura.


"This is an incredible achievement that fills us with joy. I have been a friend of Marco for over 40 years and this is a wonderful recognition for the vision we created with the Gucci family. Alessandro Michele has created an incredible space, and his support and inspiration have spurred us in recent years," says Bottura.


With a capacity of 30 people, the intimate restaurant is run by chef Karime López, a powerful Mexican who brings her stellar cooking experience from some of the best restaurants in the world.

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Chef Karime López

The menu is inspired by López's international career, as well as her culinary travels, her team's global backgrounds, and experiences, as well as her passion for art and music. It challenges the traditional perception of Italian cuisine by creating fun versions of classic dishes.

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