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A new Emporio Armani Caffè & Ristorante concept opens in Milan

The address is the same: via Croce Rossa. The space, Emporio Armani Caffè & Ristorante, is completely different. The formula, the layout, the design and the menu have all changed, in a place where everyone can relax in the way that suits them best and is open from morning until late evening.
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Opened in 2000, an instant benchmark for Milanese style, this Emporio Armani Caffè & Ristorante was the first of its kind and become internationally iconic. Now, as a result of its comprehensive re-imagination, it is set to achieve notoriety all over again. The updated vision bears testament once again to the bond between Giorgio Armani and Milan, a relationship made up of powerful feelings, which has generated important initiatives that have enriched the city time after time. Expanded and completely re-conceived, the space has been redesigned to accentuate the variety of its offering. Conceptualised by Giorgio Armani, along with his internal team of architects, Emporio Armani Caffè & Ristorante fits perfectly within the historical building that houses it. The aesthetic balance of the exterior remains unchanged, with the addition of a second outdoor dining area. The new interior architecture of the entire space has been inspired by style elements of the 1930s, the period to which the building dates back, but these influences have been used in order to develop a completely contemporary design. The décor elements, the room layout and the choice of colours meld together to create a warm and refined atmosphere. 

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A cuisine between tradition and innovation 
The wide, varied food offering of Milan’s Emporio Armani Caffè & Ristorante satisfies the tastes of an increasingly large international clientele. Along with the Mediterranean cuisine that Giorgio Armani himself prefers, a full Italian menu continues to be offered, where simplicity and lightness give life to a unique and sophisticated approach. The selection varies depending on the time of day and the environment chosen: the more casual ground floor offers a modern and quick menu for both lunch and dinner, along with more classic, authentic dishes that have always distinguished the Emporio Armani Caffè concept. Saffron risotto, spaghetti al pomodoro and veal Milanese are carefully crafted to enhance the simple yet unique flavours. On the upper floor, the restaurant’s gourmet menu skilfully blends tradition and innovation. It is in this menu that the Italian culinary philosophy is elevated through the use of typical ingredients and features of Northern Italian cuisine —and not just from the local Lombardy region—, always maintaining a balance between meat and fish. The use of top-quality raw materials, the careful preparation of even the simplest dishes and the elegant and clean presentation all reflect the joys of eating according to Giorgio Armani, and are elements that distinguish and bind together all of the Armani restaurants throughout the world. 

The art of hospitality 
With a warm environment and a lively yet refined atmosphere, this space provides the perfect setting for moments of relaxation or friendly gatherings at any time of day. The discreet presence of the staff ensures impeccable, fast, efficient service at all times, while care, superb materials, attention to detail and quality shine throughout the entire enterprise. 


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