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"Aiz Naida"

Each individual Adriana Degreas piece is made to the highest quality standards with maximum attention to details. The highly skilled workforce is based in the brand’s own factory in São Paulo, Brazil, where they work with the best raw materials on the market, with new technology and the finest fabrics. 


The pieces receive minutely calculated modelling to achieve the perfect fit and enable the highest level of comfort, essential for leisure time. The unique prints and special trims reinforce the sophistication of the brand. Adriana Degreas’ greatest goal is to continuously offer products that are as close to perfection as possible, even upside down.


Pietro Nolita, New York
Anciela (UK)

Anciela is a womenswear label that celebrates Colombian culture and experimental tailoring. The brand believes in creating light-hearted clothing both functional and fun to encourage women to mix bold colors and dynamic silhouettes.

Founded by Jennifer Droguett Espinosa in 2019, the brand produces every garment in London, reducing the environmental impact, ensuring good labor standards and delivering beautifully hand-crafted designs that are friendly to our planet. Anciela has a mindful approach towards designing fashion with sustainability as a starting point.

When creating the new collection, the designer thought a lot about one of the most contrasting cities in the world – Medellin, where she comes from. Conceptual garments that look like a voluminous set of pockets with large metal zippers do not only form peculiar silhouettes, but also make viewers think: if you can only carry away what is on you right now, what things will you choose? It would be great to bring along a piece of my native land and at least some memories of the house, right?

Each item in the collection is handmade, presenting unique silhouettes in the truest sense of the word. Every detail symbolizes some part of the rebuilt slums.



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