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6 whiskey drinks

The woody drink can go far beyond "on the rocks" and "cowboys"
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Whiskey is a distillate so full of personality that we usually enjoy it pure. So many times not even ice gets space in such an experience, in the famous “on the rocks” way of drinking the drink that is also known as “the bottled dog”. But anyone who thinks it can't make good drinks is mistaken, as it tastes great with citrus, honey or ginger. Check out some recipes to face the challenge at home.

- Penicillin

From MeGusta Bar, a development located in a big house on Rua Bela Cintra, São Paulo, we have the Penicillin drink. The classic bears the signature of bartender Giovanni Schiesaro at the house:


- 60ml Chivas 12 years

- 30ml lemon

- 22.5ml honey syrup

- 4 slices of ginger

- Laphroaig Float 10 years

How to prepare:

Add the honey syrup, lemon and ginger to a cocktail shaker and blend well.

Then add the 12 year old Chivas, ice and beat vigorously. Double strain into a low glass with ice and decorate with a lemon peel. With the help of a ballerina spoon, float Laphroaig 10 years above the cocktail.

1582915405143532 megusta bar penicillin gustavo steffen
Penicillin, from MeGusta Bar. Photo: Gustavo Steffen.

2 - Rita

From Eugênia Café Bar, in Pinheiros, we have the citrus Rita. It was designed by bartender Paola Menezes.


- 50 ml Wild Turkey

- 20 ml Cointreau Noir

- 20 ml Sicilian Lemon

- 20 ml artisanal orange syrup

- Cinnamon sticks

How to prepare:

Beat the Wild Turkey, the Cointreau Noir and the lemon and go through the double straining process. Finish with orange zest and cinnamon zest. Serve in a chilled coupe bowl.

1582915405392810 eug nia caf bar rita wild turkey cointreau noir lim o siciliana xarope de laranja e canela hanna batista 2 1
Rita, from Eugênia Café Bar. Photo: Hanna Batista.

3 - Honey & Lemonade

For those who do not have much skill or interest in mixology, but still love the challenge of drinking whiskey as a drink, it is possible to make your way easier with the Jack Honey & Lemonade recipe.


- 50 ml of Jack Honey

- 30 ml of lemon juice

- Lemon soda

- Ice

How to prepare:

Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour 50 ml of Jack Honey, cover with lemon and complete the mixture with lemon soda. Stir and enjoy.

1582915405629367 jack honey lemonade
Honey & Lemonade

Kentucky Lemonade

You can already see that whiskey goes perfectly with lemon, with a sweet touch - honey or sugar syrup - and with the power of ginger. In the Kentucky Lemonade recipe, this path of success remains. The recipe is from Caledonia, Whiskey & Co, by Rodolfo Bob, mixologist.


- 50 ml bourbon

- 30 ml lemon

- 20 ml demerara syrup

- 3 sheets of ginger

How to prepare:

Macere the blades of ginger in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and plenty of ice. Beat vigorously. Strain into a tall glass, using a fine sieve, to retain the ginger pieces. Garnish with a slice of lemon and ginger.

1582915405844456 kentucky
Kentucky Lemonade

5 - All You Need

From the great Caju Bar, inside the Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo, the whiskey recipe is more fruity.


- 40 ml Bacardi Rum 8 Years

- 20 ml Dewars Whiskey

- 15 ml Citrus Mix

- 15 ml Passion Fruit Pulp

- 20 ml Apricot Syrup

- 2 to 3 drops of peach Bitter

- 40ml Egg White

- 5ml Sugar Syrup.

How to prepare:

Beat all the ingredients in the shaker. Serve in a bowl and use Basil Flower for garnish.

1582915406090767 all you need1 caju sp fssp
All You Need, Caju Bar

6 - Niemeyer

Niemeyer recipe comes from Bar Obelisco SP, located on the roof of MAC USP Ibirapuera. The creation is signed by the mixologist Jairo Gama and is inspired by the master of modern architecture.


- 30 ml of Singleton

- 20 ml of Carpano Punt Mes

- 10 ml of Luxardo

- 1/2 Bahia Orange

- 1 Amarena Cherry

- 1 Sigh

- Hibiscus powder

How to prepare:

Add the ingredients to the mixing glass and stir with a bar spoon. At the top of the drink, a light touch of Bahia orange. As a garnish, sigh and cherry on a stick.

1582915406394987 niemeyer rodolfo regini bar obelisco
Niemeyer, Obelisco Bar

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