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Summer cocktails with limoncello

When tasting limoncello, you spontaneously imagine yourself on a terrace on the Amalfi coast. Now that e-working is the standard, and everyone remains obediently, we can say that e-peritives are the word of spring 2020.
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Whatever the weather is outdoors, with this sparkling summer drink you will immediately imagine yourself under the Italian sun. Traditionally drunk as a tasting during a balmy summer evening, but now as a star ingredient of the cocktail trend for this summer. Here you will find two recipes for a cocktail with limoncello.

Limoncello Vinegar Spritz

Just like the well-known Italian lemon liqueur limoncello, there is also a variant of limoncello vinegar that tastes sweet, slightly bitter, creamy and aromatic. And that without added sugars or alcohol! Limoncello vinegar also tastes great with grilled fish, roasted meat and (fruit) salads. In dressings it combines perfectly with rosemary olive oil. Limoncello vinegar is also the perfect seasoning for ice cream or panna cotta. All you need is prosecco, limoncello vinegar, sparkling water and ... thirst. Saluti!


120 ml. Prosecco
80 ml Limoncello vinegar
40 ml Sparkling water
2 lemon slices
1 sprig of mint

That's how you make it!

Cut a lemon in half and cut two slices off it. Then fill a large glass with ice. Pour in the prosecco together with the limoncello vinegar and the sparkling water. Finish with the lemon and mint slices.

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Walk in the park with rum and limoncello

Treat yourself and surprise your roommates with this refreshing cocktail.


30 ml Don Papa 7 rum
30 ml limoncello
30 ml of white vermouth
1 lemon

This is how you make it:

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir for thirty seconds. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. Zest with a generous zest of lemon.

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