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Sweetest Tuscan destination – Amedei

Once in a while, I like to indulge in a piece of chocolate.
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More than once in a while, honestly. But that piece has to be good, excellent, perfect – with the beautiful shiny exterior, a lovely aroma, crisp sounds when broken, and a straight, shiny line at the brake point, which leaves a 5-minute long aftertaste in the mouth. That's it. Sounds so simple, yet is very complicated to achieve. Anyone who has ever tried to make chocolates – bars or truffles dipped in chocolate – knows that there is a secret about how to do it. And that is only the smallest part.


The advice about tasting principles I learned from Amedei around eight years ago. It was something new to me. It seemed like a relatively simple thing, but that was not at all, especially when you have a tasting of 16 chocolates and only six of them get remotely close to that standard.

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I have known about Amedei for years, but I never visited. So, it was finally time around July 2018 to visit one of the world’s most-praised chocolate factories, where many processes are still kept as a secret. But that does not mean that you should not visit Amedei. You should. A million times – yes.

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“For the first time, Amedei has decided to open its doors to small groups of visitors. Those who want to share this thrilling journey can immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere, discover the path that chocolate takes from the cocoa bean to the fruition of the Amedei creations, and taste the chocolates and pralines,” says their website and this is correct.


The small tour has everything – production line from beans to chocolates; videos of how, when, and what; and last but not least, tasting of chocolates from various plantations that share only one common thing, the ingredient list, yet still showing off different tastes. The tasting lets you understand how various cacao beans can be if treated with respect and knowledge – if picked at the right time and delivered from the plantations. And then comes the praline tasting – my favorite. I love their pralines, and I would keep a box of them at home if possible. They are everything you imagine a praline should be – balanced, full-flavored, with character and body, and such elegance.

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So, yes, next time you are in Tuscany, close to Florence, do take a trip to Amedei – find out, understand, and indulge. The world of chocolate will not be the same again, that I can assure you. And you will love your new life. 

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