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We taste the coolest rosé wine of the summer

With fruity and floral notes, this bottle will transport you to the south of France.
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In ancient Greece it was believed that wine was a gift from Dionysus, the God of Greek mythology, who taught humans to harvest the vine. In 1896, this gift would fall into the hands of Marcel Ott, a young agronomist who was captivated by Provence, a region bathed in sunshine and the Mediterranean sea breeze that is known for its favorable climate for viticulture. Grapes are harvested from its soils to create full-bodied reds, highly delicate whites and fruity rosés.

Marcel dedicated himself to rescuing this thousand-year-old tradition and renovating wine estates that would continue its history in the hands of his relatives under the name: Domaines Ott.

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Image courtesy of the brand.

However, wine, being a valuable liquid, needed to be protected by a unique bottle. In the 1930s, René Ott designed a bottle with elegant curves, inspired by Greek amphoras, in which this drink was formerly kept to maintain its freshness.

Today, that silhouette is the recognizable symbol of the brand that has three properties: Château de Selle, Clos Mireille and Château Romassan, in the latter the harvest of an elegant Rosé is carried out, made up of grapes: Mourvèdre + Grenache, Cinsaut and Syrah. An elegant pale pink wine with golden sparkles. On the palate it is dry and light, both fruity and grapefruit and floral flavors such as lavender can be perceived, with a long finish.

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Portrait of Christophe Renard, Brand Ambassador. Courtesy of the brand.

We were able to taste it during the visit of the Brand Ambassador, Christophe Renard, at the Four Seasons in Mexico City, where we witnessed its exceptional flavor and versatility. It can be accompanied by both light Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. We confirm it by pairing it with a Mexican delicacy: a chubby stuffed with huitlacoche on a bed of nopales.

Fruit of the ancestral agricultural tradition, this wine is our choice to enjoy a warm summer.

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Image courtesy of the brand.

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