Bulova Brings Back the Supercool Computron

Here are ten reasons why the new edition of the watch is absolutely fabulous.
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Back at Baselworld 2019, when we first laid eyes on the Computron, it was love at first sight, as the unique digital watch won our affections sitting in a category worlds apart from the analogue and mechanical in the universe of horology.

The Computron (even the name has a nice ring to it) is the kind of watch that attracts instantly with its design and on an emotional level, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts obsessed with designs harking back to the tumultuous, game-changing era of the 1970s.

To cut to the chase, Bulova has reissued its cult classic, brimming with fun, quirkiness, and nostalgia. Here are ten reasons why the Computron LED watch is a total must-have.

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1. The re-edition of the iconic Computron, launched in 1976, is injected with modern design elements that amalgamate perfectly with its unmistakable vintage vibe.

2. Emanating a distinctly old-school, retro-future charm, the unconventional, futuristic-looking trapezoidal case holds as much relevance in a heritage-loving zeitgeist today as it did four decades ago in the heyday of electronic and quartz timepieces.

3. The case, measuring 38 mm in diameter and 13.8 mm at its thickest or highest point, offers proportions that are perfect for a unisex wristwatch.

4. The Computron’s LED (light-emitting diode) display is lit in red to display time for versions fitted with a gold-plated case and bracelet (97C110), and black case and rubber strap (98C135). For the limited-run stainless steel rendition (96C139), the LED lights up in blue.

5. Constructed at an angle, the digital watch’s front-facing LED accords at a glance a view of the time without needing to shift the watch to face the wearer, and also without moving the hand (when the watch is strapped on the wrist) from the steering wheel while driving.

6. However, to activate the four-digit LED display to show the time available in 12 and 24-hour format, the crown at the case’s right side needs to be given a push. Alongside the hours, minutes, seconds, month, date, and day, the digital functionality of the Computron reissue is now expanded to include dual-time zone capabilities, which can be viewed with the rest mentioned by the sequential pushing of the crown. Fun fact: The Bulova logo can be seen in the lower right corner next to the minute quartz crystal symbol.

The Bulova Computron

7. Giving the original Computron an irresistible makeover, the new dramatically tapering strap has done wonders to refresh it. For the metal bracelet variants, the well-polished links boast a subtle sheen minus any high shine, while the grooved centre links, extending from case all around to the clasp, subtly imbue the watch with cool, classy refinement.

8. With very short backlinks and seven micro-adjustments on the clasp, you can be assured of a superbly perfect fit with the Computron around your wrist.

9. Being a quartz movement-powered watch with an estimated two-year battery life depending on usage, when the time comes to replace a dead battery, the case back with a coin-operated opening or battery hatch offers D-I-Y access for a quick change of the power source.

10. The Computron is water-resistant to 30 m, and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


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