Cannes 2019: the most dazzling jewels of the red carpet

The event is bringing us good inspirations of jewelry, check it out!

The Cannes Film Festival has undoubtedly brought a good deal of glamor and inspirations to the season. With the event hosting the most fashionistas celebrities of the moment, you could expect red rugs with beautiful dresses, modern makeup and impeccable hair. But what would all this be without good jewelry to keep up with?

Famous as Priyanka Chopra and Alessandra Ambrósio enchanted us with their earrings Chopard and Boucheron Serpent Bohème, respectively.
The Brazilian still bet on a vintage bracelet from 1946.

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1559062921379883 pri2
(Photos: Reproduction / Instagram @priyankachopra)
1559062921735247 alessandra1
(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @ alessandraambrosio)

Bella Hadid already gained the spotlight by appearing with a Bvlgari ensemble, as did her "twin", Carla Bruni.

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1559062922671849 cannes 2019 bella hadid
Bella Hadid (Photo: Divorce / Dior)
1559062923090192 cannes 2019 carla bruni 11559062920061076 cannes 2019 carla bruni
Carla Bruni (Photos: Press Release / Bvlgari)

See more highlights of the jewels in Cannes:

1559062917777015 chopard1
Elle Fanning (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @chopard)
1559062918145676  pain and glory  dolor y gloria  douleur et glorie   red carpet   the 72nd annual cannes film festival
Xin Zhilei (Photo: Divulga / Chanel)
1559062918417862 sc3 4928 2019051765106043 copy
Virginie Ledoyen (Photo: Divulga / Dior)
1559062919050651 pls 5707 2019051561716229 copy
Kiko Mizuhara (Photo: Divulga / Dior)
1559062919375700 dv2 6222 2019051560446291
Ludivine Sagnier (Photo: Divulga / Dior)
1559062919673870  a hidden life  une vie cach e   red carpet   the 72nd annual cannes film festival
Valerie Rachner (Photo: Divulga / Chanel)
1559062923387969 dv2 9937 2019052055823817 copy
Mélanie Doutey (Photo: Divulga / Dior)
1559062923738337 sc3 4019 2019052063836316 copy
Joséphine Japy (Photo: Divulga / Dior)
1559062924099218 marina2
Marina Ruy Barbosa (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @marinaruybarbosa)
1559062924429237 marina3
Marina Ruy Barbosa (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @marinaruybarbosa)
1559062924660438 chopard2
Julienne Moore (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @chopard)
1559062925035873 chopard3
Iza Goulart (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @chopard)
1559062925330181 bk4i6191 2019051863107376 copy
Monica Bellucci (Photo: Divulga / Dior)

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