Chanel’s emblematic flower

As Gabrielle Chanel’s emblematic flower, the camellia was one of her icons. With no fragrance, and no thorns, she was seduced by its simplicity. To the opulence of a rose, she preferred its sobriety, its almost geometric roundedness and the classic ordering of its petals in a perfect symmetry. It was a white camellia that became one of her emblems. With her taste for opposites, she would wear it like a jewel, in stark contrast against a little black dress or sweater.

In 2019, the 1.5 collection presents 50 pieces of High Jewelry, of which 23 are transformable, offering the freedom to wear them in a multitude of ways. Creations that become the expression of a personality. The embodiment of a style and a look. Jewelry, like Mademoiselle would create, that is neither an accessory, nor an ornament

“My (jewels) are flexible and detachable [...] You can take apart the jewelry and use it to match a hat or fur. In this way, the set of jewelry is no longer an immutable object. Life transforms it and bends it to its needs”. - Coco Chanel

Diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies and rose gold are imbued themselves with the most subtle brilliance on these pieces of jewelry with ethereal volumes that express all the strength, the expertise and the creativity of CHANEL Fine Jewelry.

1549388655591573 contraste blanc bracelet j635681549388655622417 cristal illusion bracelet j63506
1549388655675207 diamant essentiel bracelet j635881549388655753658 diamant evanescent bracelet j63489
1549388655784084 perles desinvoltes bracelet j63580
1549388661727947 revelation diamant bracelet j636511549388661770292 rose poudre bracelet j63570
1549388661806954 rose tendre bracelet j635921549388661859850 rouge incandescent bracelet j63660
1549388676996944 quintessence diamond brooch1549388677066379 quintessence moonstone brooch j63650
1549388677105315 quintessence quartz brooch j63657
1549388690522813 contraste blanc earrings j635831549388690584734 cristal illusion earrings j63562
1549388690656787 diamant essentiel earrings j634901549388690697800 diamant evanescent earrings j63488
1549388690790533 perles intemporelles earrings j63662
1549388695882166 revelation diamant earrings j636451549388695957766 rose poudre earrings j63502
1549388696031430 rose tendre earrings j635661549388696136938 rouge incandescent earrings j63669
1549388736344679 contraste blanc necklace j635911549388736431785 cristal illusion necklace j63567
1549388736522176 diamant essentiel necklace j635811549388736628011 diamant evanescent necklace j63493
1549388736694764 diamant evanescent necklace j63495
1549388746672850 perles desinvoltes necklace j635641549388746747666 perles intemporelles necklace 0
1549388746842943 perles intemporelles necklace j636581549388746944989 revelation diamant necklace j63649
1549388756371083 revelation diamant necklace j636491549388756467440 rose poudre necklace j63569
1549388756568125 rose tendre necklace j635631549388756655462 rouge incandescent necklace 0
1549388756762747 rouge incandescent necklace j63491
1549388813808819 chanel high jewelry workshop11549388813916727 chanel high jewelry workshop2
1549388814054438 chanel high jewelry workshop41549388814190850 chanel high jewelry workshop5
1549388814301012 chanel high jewelry workshop6
1549388823392356 chanel high jewelry workshop71549388823501602 chanel high jewelry workshop8
1549388823632383 chanel high jewelry workshop121549388823767106 chanel high jewelry workshop13
1549388823965466 chanel high jewelry workshop17
1549388841172723 contraste blanc bracelet 011549388841334259 contraste blanc bracelet 02
1549388841540276 contraste blanc bracelet 31549388841674102 contraste blanc necklace
1549388841822243 contraste blanc ring
1549388852042943 cristal illusion ring 11549388852336383 cristal illusion ring 2
1549388865634476 perles de diamant watch 11549388865793819 perles de diamant watch 2
1549388865989929 perles de diamant watch 31549388866348748 perles de diamant watch 5
1549388866414473 perles de diamant watch 6
1549388879976809 revelation diamant ring
1549388892415917 rose poudre necklace 11549388892624907 rose poudre necklace 2
1549388892837080 rose poudre necklace 31549388893418070 rose poudre necklace 4
1549388893663524 rose poudre necklace 5



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