Chopard Red Carpet Collection 2020

Official partner to the Cannes International Film Festival since 1998, Chopard annually unveils an Haute Joaillerie collection named Red Carpet. A great lover of Nature, Caroline Scheufele has chosen this subject as the main theme for the 2020 Red Carpet Collection. The first creations provide a foretaste of the 73 models that will compose this precious “jewellery casket” inspired by natural enchantment.
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The Red Carpet Collection: Annually Reiterated Feat

Since the 60th anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival, Chopard’s Haute Joaillerie workshops have annually achieved the feat of composing a collection that includes as many creations as the year of the Festival's existence. An ambitious challenge proposed by Caroline Scheufele – Co-President and Artistic Director of the Maison – to her Artisans, who represent the combined know-how of more than 30 different crafts. Today, the Chopard ateliers, located in Geneva, are the largest Haute Joaillerie workshops in Switzerland: sculptor-jewellers, lapidaries, gem-setters and polishers. From simple lines to generous volumes, from working on gold to precious stones, these talented craftsmen push back the limits of the possible and, by combining their talents, give life to the jewels in this prestigious collection. Living up to its Red Carpet name, it is destined to sparkle on the Palais des Festivals steps as it adorns the most beautiful actresses during the official presentation of their films.

1588702804672263 139307 1015 owl timepiece
Owl timepiece in ethical 18-carat white gold, set with brilliant-cut (7.5cts) and trapeze-cut (1.6ct) diamonds as well as trapeze-cut multicoloured sapphires (4.1cts).
1588702856353402 820162 1001 polar bear ring
Polar bear ring in ethical 18-carat white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds (12.5cts), cabochon-cut sapphires and black diamonds.

Celebrating an Entrancing Natural Environment

This year, Caroline Scheufele will unveil a range of 73 treasures. The creative soul of Chopard and initiator of its Journey to Sustainable Luxury, she has decided to celebrate the environment, along with its flora and fauna, by choosing 'Nature' as the main theme of this 13th collection.

Chopard is thus exclusively revealing the first creations stemming from the brilliant talent deployed in its workshops: an “Owl” jewellery watch featuring two dials surrounded by multicoloured sapphires forming the eyes of the nocturnal creature; a pair of “Orchids” earrings featuring incredibly natural-looking sapphire petals and tsavorite buds; “Gingko” earrings and ring composed of pear-shaped emeralds, tsavorites and yellow sapphires in shades evoking the foliage of this majestic tree; as well as a series of “Polar bear” and “Seal” diamond rings.

1588702877191017 828317 1001 white teddy bears ring
White teddy bears ring in ethical 18-carat white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds (9cts), cabochon-cut sapphires and onyx.
1588702891337988 828320 3001 gingko ring
Matching ring in ethical 18-carat rose gold and titanium set with a 5.05-carat pear-shaped emerald as well as brilliant-cut tsavorites (2cts) and yellow sapphires (1.4ct). Ref. 828320-3001

Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

Back in 2010, for Chopard’s 150th anniversary, Caroline Scheufele designed 150 Haute Joaillerie creations composing the Animal World collection. ‘Nature' continues this artistic approach by drawing on the expertise and ingenuity cultivated by the Artisans of the Maison to craft a series of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets made of precious stones. Their original designs depicting animals and plants look even more realistic than the models in Nature on which they are based.

1588702920471013 828334 1001 seal ring
Seal ring in ethical 18-carat white gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds (4.7cts), brilliant-cut coloured diamonds (4.1cts) and cabochon-cut topazes.
1588702923201637 848195 3001 orchids earrings
Orchids earrings in titanium set with four black cabochon-cut opals (totaling 5.3cts), as well as brilliant-cut sapphires (16.9cts), tsavorites (8.5cts) and tourmalines (4.7cts).

Chopard Loves Cinema

Driven by Caroline Scheufele's passion for cinema, the Maison Chopard has been an official partner to the Cannes International Film Festival since 1998. Its workshops give rise to all the trophies awarded at the Festival's closing ceremony – including the most coveted of them all, the Palme d'or, composed of 118 grams of Fairmined certified ethical gold and a solid block of rock crystal. Since 2001, the Maison has also showcased youthful talents in the world known as the “seventh art” through the Trophée Chopard: an award ceremony included in the official Festival calendar and which annually rewards an up-and-coming actress and actor.

1588702930516593 848320 3001 gingko earrings
Gingko earrings in ethical 18-carat rose gold and titanium set with pear-shaped emeralds (33.3cts) as well as brilliant-cut yellow sapphires (16.5cts) and tsavorites (14.9cts).

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