Marvel x RJ: Spider-Man Captured in a Whirlwind

RJ unveils its first whirlwind watch made entirely in-house, dedicated to Spider-Man.
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The watch was entirely designed and manufactured in the new RJ workshops, inspired by the universe and attributes of the superhero.

With its creativity, boldness, and independence, the new RJ Studio is a watch with sleek lines, technically unique, aesthetically different, whose power reserve has been increased to more than six days thanks to a barrel expanded to the size of the dial, a nod to the performance and stamina of Spider-Man.

Two versions of the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon are presented: a carbon black and red fiberglass composite version and a black carbon stealth version, each limited to only ten pieces.

Eysins, Switzerland - RJ presents its first 100% watch with a highly innovative central tourbillon, entirely developed and manufactured in-house at Eysins in the workshops of the new RJ Studio. From stage to decks, wheels, and other components: they all were designed in a different way to pay tribute to its super ambassador, the iconic Spider-Man.

RJ has been chosen by MARVEL Studios to create Haute Horlogerie watches in the image of the incredible Spider-Man. The young team is setting the bar ever higher to develop and manufacture technically original watches, aesthetically new, arousing the enthusiasm of many fans of comics, superheroes, and the new wave of watchmaking.

Marco Tedeschi, RJ's CEO and Creative Director: "We had a lot of fun working closely with the MARVEL Studios team, which gave us absolute confidence in the creation and development of this first complication watch in Europe. The honor of Spider-Man.

For the first time, a character has inspired us beyond the watchmaking cladding with the integration of his universe into the technique of movement. It's no coincidence that we chose a whirlwind, light, fast, and aerial whose power reserve we have been able to hold for more than six days, a further nod to the endurance and performance of Spider-Man."


To celebrate the second collaboration between RJ and MARVEL, a subsidiary of Disney, the young Swiss manufacturer, has created its first tourbillon entirely designed, developed and manufactured in its workshops in Eysins, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

RJ-7000: 100% Factory Central Tourbillon

It all started with the goal of obtaining a remarkably long power reserve, which required an oversized barrel. To achieve this, the barrel was placed in the center of the movement to be as wide as possible, with a diameter almost as large as the dial, allowing a power reserve of 150 hours (more than six days).

This oversized barrel naturally imposed the placement of the tourbillon cage above it, in the center of the movement, and on the same axis. This unique construction allows a fantastic view of the regulator.

An Unprecedented Display

The hours and minutes are displayed peripherally through a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the vortex. The movement, therefore, benefits from a coaxial construction. A factor 12 ratio allows the planetary system of minutes to train the hours' operation.

Also innovative, this hour and minute display system is mounted on two large diameter and high precision ball bearings to maximise the performance of the movement.

The hands, on the other hand, are inspired by the spider's legs, a symbol of Spider-Man.

Lightness, Performance, Endurance & Precision

The tourbillon cage in grade 5 titanium and the wheel planks were perforated like a spider web to leave the minimum amount of material necessary for the smooth running of the movement. Affixed to the turntable, the characteristic black eyes of the Spider-Man mask are distinguished by their contrasting finish.

From Carbon to Fiberglass

Made in a 45mm case adorned with RJ BUMPERS™ rubber, the ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon is available in two materials, each version being limited to only ten pieces.

The first, red, is a high-performance composite combining layers of black carbon and red glass fiber, which makes the watch incredibly lightweight and creates a very racy matte surface.

The second, black, is made of carbon with gray and anthracite reflections, offering a stealthy look that gives a lot of character to the watch.

Perfect Symmetry & Reassembly on the Back of the Watch

To maintain ideal symmetry, the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon has no crown. Thus, the winding of the barrel spring is done by lifting a hoop placed on the bottom of the box that turns like a key. This system allows a faster winding than a traditional crown.

To set the time of the watch, a push button, discreetly hidden under the wristband at 6 o'clock, must be depressed by turning the arch. The time can be set in both directions.

The bottom of the box has a cartridge engraving technique. Positive letters are polished and stand out from the surface of the micro bell background. Four sapphire crystals make up the open bottom of the watch offering maximum visibility on the movement.

Interchangeable Bracelet

The ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon bracelet is made of black polyamide to remind the texture of superhero combinations. It is decorated with the symbol of Spider-Man, thermoformed on each strand at the level of the between-horn. It is reinforced by a black rubber insert that makes it more resistant and more comfortable in contact with the skin.

The bracelet change system is identical to all models in the ARRAW collection. Thus, it comes off with a single click by simultaneously pressing the horn screws. The folding clasp can also be easily changed by pressing on its lever, without requiring the use of tools.

A Spidery Setting

For the first time, the ARRAW case, round and embellished with four RJ BUMPERS™, has been customized to the image of Spider-Man.

Made in black wood, the case is similar to a spider thanks to eight legs attached to its frame. The lid has been engraved with the Spider-Man canvas and logo. Inside, the watch is captured in the center of a steel spider web. This removable part allows another use of the box.

Each collaboration is an opportunity for RJ to reinterpret Haute Horlogerie and allows it to exceed its limits. The essence of mythical characters is thus found in watches, from aesthetics to the very components of the movement. Offering the opportunity to discover Haute Horlogerie in a new light, RJ has not finished surprising!

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