Meet the flying car inspired by the 1950s Ferrari models

The model has intriguing technology, electric motors and the ability to travel for 3 hours, reaching up to 480 km / h.
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This “flying car” is a futuristic project that was recently designed by an Italian design studio. The model was inspired by the 1950 Ferrari racing cars.

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Dubbed the FD-One, the new concept is a two-seater flying car, which also resembles some helicopter engines. It is powered by a hybrid system, which includes a V12 gasoline engine and six electric motors - four at the front and two at the rear, measuring 8 meters in length and weighing 194 kg. The wheels have been eliminated and replaced with three propellers, the rest of the design remains true to its ancestor, including the cockpit, exhaust pipes and race track.

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The technology of the FD-One is as intriguing as its design and project creator studio gave no further details about its operation. He merely stated that the V12 engine will help power his other six electric motors, all connected and the energy will come from three batteries stored at the bottom. The company believes the flying car will be able to reach speeds of up to 480 km / h and fly for three hours.

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The FD-One is still just a concept, but the company has been working lately to make it a reality for years to come. We will wait ...

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