Fall In Love With Dior's Mimirose Joaillerie Collection

Marking the 20th anniversary of Dior Joaillerie, Victoire de Castellane pays tribute to Monsieur Dior in the latest Mimirose collection.
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In honour of the 20th anniversary of Dior's Joaillerie collection, Victoire de Castellane brings together two icons of the house: the fine chains and precious stones of Mimioui and the delicate, twisted rice grain settings of Rose des vents.  

Perfect as collectible items, or gifts that special occasion, this collection entertains all possibilities. The dainty, intricate collection is comprised of necklaces, bracelets, layering rings and earrings. All of which are perfect for mixing and matching, as you like it.  

The jewels come in yellow or pink-gold versions mixed with diamonds, rubies or emeralds, each a symbolizing protection, building on the tradition of the Rose des vents line as a bearer of life’s most precious moments 

With the Mimirose collection's miniature dimensions, the intent is for these pieces to be held close, like a memory, subtly interweaving its story with the wearer, traversing time as an eternal token.   

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