New fun craze by Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid: mouth-shaped rings

Summer 2021 promises to be a light season, full of colors and relaxation - a true antithesis of the feelings experienced in the previous year. After the beads gain prominence, transforming the productions into more youthful looks, a new trend of accessories promises to bring a fun, easy and yet very fashionista aesthetic: the mouth-shaped rings.
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Entitled Hotlips, the Solange Azagury-Partridge model is the perfect bet for those who want to play with fashion and escape the seriousness of everyday looks, finding a relaxed accessory capable of giving an easy and playful touch to any look.

Among the fans of the trend are Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, showing that this ring adapts to different types of fashionista - from the most daring who play with fantasy looks to the most modern and queens of street style.

The beloved ring was created in 1995 and since then has gained some reinterpretations. Whether in smooth versions that are more discreet - but not so much - or even in versions with different glitter and textures. Check it out and get inspired!













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