Reed Krakoff tells the story of Tiffany & Co new collection presented in Paris

The famous New York house presented in Paris its new collection of fine jewelry: unique pieces that highlight the origin of diamonds. The opportunity to talk to Reed Krakoff, Chief Artistic Officer of Tiffany & Co, who explains his philosophy of elegance and relaxation.
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What first conclusions do you draw from your presence at Tiffany & Co.?
When I arrived, my goal was to make jewelry and diamonds easier to wear. I wanted these pieces not to be just for red carpets. Even today, we are constantly experimenting in order to make the parts portable on all occasions. I believe that we have succeeded in changing the perception of precious jewelry and I am extremely proud of it.

The Extraordinary Tiffany collection gives pride of place to exceptional stones, how did you make your selection?
For me, it is above all a matter of proposing unexpected pairings of precious stones which combine a wide variety of stone sizes - marquise, cushion, emerald, brilliant, baguette, half-moon -, colors and settings.
And then, as you know, absolute requirement governs the selection of precious stones at Tiffany; they are not only rare but unique. They are what guide the design and not the other way around. The diamonds offered by the Extraordinary Tiffany collection come from Botswana, Namibia, Canada, Russia.

None are from Zimbabwe or Angola. What led you to shed light on the provenance of the stones?
This initiative follows the announcement in 2019 that Tiffany was becoming the first luxury jewelry house to communicate the provenance - region or country - of its certified diamonds. The priority given to the environment and human rights has a long tradition at Tiffany, it is the result of decades of investment. We have always exceeded the standards in force on this subject in the industry.

What is your favorite piece from this collection?
A new version of a traditional necklace that alternates fancy intense yellow diamonds and white diamonds of different sizes. This combination of colors and sizes creates a striking contrast. It sums up the philosophy of this collection perfectly.

You also presented a piece from the 2021 collection. Without breaking a secret, could you describe to us what you have in mind for your new creations?
The next collection is still in the works, so I can't reveal anything yet, only to say that we continue to push the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation.

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