Why You Should Buy A Ring With Gemstones Instead of A Designer Bag

Prepare for a new object of desire: Haute Couture jewellery will be the fashion accessory of the moment. The Antwerp jewellery designer Isabelle Bergman explains why a cocktail ring is a better investment than a designer bag.
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We wil try to guess that you, just like us, also might have a mild handbag addiction. And, when choosing your next designer bag, you probably keep in mind that it should last for as long as possible. Such as the classic of the classics, the 2.55 quilted Chanel, or a patent-leather Lady Dior. Yet there is another fashionable accessory that makes (or breaks) your outfit just as much and never loses its value. Unlike your Bottega Veneta with an annoying scratch on its buttery soft surface ...


Gemstones and semi-precious stones have captured the imagination since their discovery to such an extent that they have always been desirable objects. Throughout history, they have served as gifts for kings, offerings to the gods, status symbols of the rich, but also as a tool for spirits and magicians.


Long story short, gemstones and semi-precious stones are still very popular as objects of desire, but have also recently found their way to fashionistas as a fashion statement. The Antwerp-based jewellery designer Isabelle Bergman explains why Haute Couture jewellery will become the fashion accessory of the coming years.

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Bergman Jewels, Manhattan ring.

Why is a gemstone ring the best investment?

Many women say that a designer bag or a pair of shoes makes your outfit, and they certainly have a point. But a handbag or a pair of shoes won't last forever, and are not really unique. Anyone can walk around with that bag. A striking statement jewel or cocktail ring with a coloured stone will immediately add a dose of glamour and personality to any casual outfit. Lots of people come to me, not only for a beautiful jewel, but also for the power that gemstones have.


What do you mean by the power of gems?

I am not announcing anything new if I believe that gemstones have certain properties and powers that can be good for us. Especially when you consider the use of stones in certain religions and royal traditions. A ruby, for example, would help attract the love of your life, or rekindle the fire in a dead relationship. For example, an aquamarine gives you clarity in yourself and helps you develop yourself. You can actually see a jewel or a ring with a certain gemstone as your personal talisman.


So you can design or customise a ring yourself?

Indeed, in consultation with the client, I design a ring in the shape, colour and size of their choice. Usually this is an emerald cut or a baguette, or a combination of the two, whether or not surrounded by diamonds. All my designs carry my signature style, but the customer can customise according to his taste the size, type of stone, colour combinations. The Manhattan ring or the Toi et Moi are my most popular designs.


How do you go about designing your jewelry?

That usually starts with the type of stone. Sometimes customers come to me and they are looking for a specific stone or I show them different stones which they then choose by feeling and taste.

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Bergman Jewels

What kind of people come to you?

Very different: 70% women and 30% men. Many women who are interested in fashion, but also spirituality, come to me because they want something different from a classic diamond. Also very spiritual people, or people in the creative sector such as music, but also even in politics. Most of my clients come from Antwerp, but I also have clients in London, Paris and the Netherlands.


For which special occasion do you choose a ring or a jewel?

Lately I have been receiving a lot of men who want to give a present to their wife symbolising the birth of a child, often with a pastel pink or blue stone as a reference to the gender. Often men also choose an engagement ring from me, which is more original than a classic diamond. I designed a variant of the Toi et Moi, with two emerald cuts or baguettes next to each other, an interpretation of the classic design with 2 diamonds side by side.


Are customers specifically looking for a jewel with spiritual properties?

I get a lot of people who are very spiritual and ask for a specific stone because they need it in their life at that moment, either for a change or to help them with a problem. I don't impose anything on anyone myself, everyone is free to choose and believe what they want, but I notice with many customers that the ring really works as a talisman or good luck charm.


What are the trends regarding colour?

Last year, everyone turned to bright green colors, such as a tourmaline. Now, I see the trend shifting towards blue stones, such as a topaz or an aquamarine. I like to combine blue with aubergine, or a lighter shade of blue or even light pink.

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Bergman Jewels, Manhattan ring.

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