Alone with Gustav Klimt (in Paris)

Walk through the artist's work.
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Paris. Right in the heart of the 11th district is L'Atelier des Lumières, a former metallurgical factory - now converted into one of the new cultural centers.

To commemorate the death of Gustav Klimt, Culturespace has organized this exhibition of the artist, in which you can also see the works of Egon Schiele and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, both contemporary and artistically influenced by Klimt.

Made by Gianfranco Lannuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi, together with the masterful musical collaboration of Luca Longobardi, this  program invites you to immerse yourself in the artistic effervescence of the time in a different and, at least, wonderful way. With more than 3000 moving images and 140 projectors, the sensation is undescribable.

The exhibition goes beyond a mere sample of the work of the artist and his contemporaries and offers visitors a complete immersion in their particular universe. Once crossed the doors of L'atelier, the most absolute darkness floods the space, an old industrial hangar of 3.116m2. Wandering, lost, in that immensity, begin to sprout around us, as emerged from the Land of Wonders, large-scale projections that reflect their main creations. The color explodes then, and everything is dyed golden, intense blue, vibrant red ... etc. From the immeasurable walls of the room we are contemplated by the sensual glances of their muses. The particular and revolutionary forms of their bodies, longilinear, ethereal, like springs of a dream, are interspersed with their colorful landscapes, their delirious flowers, their impossible geometrical motives ... etc. 100 years of Viennese painting parade before our eyes.

Accompanied by an exceptional musical selection, in which operatic areas are alternated with waltzes of the time, all the senses seem to be absorbed by the magnificence of a movement and an artist who reinvented the canons of beauty and what at that time was understood as art.

Considered one of the main exponents of Art Nouveau, the work of Gustav Klimt is characterized by the abundance of symbolism, decorative and ornamental motifs, and the influx of topics such as sexuality, love and death.

The exhibition can be visited until November 11, 2018 in L'Atelier des Lumières (38 rue Saint Maur 75 011 Paris). We recommend going early in the morning (10:00 AM) in order to enjoy the privilege of spending, at least a few moments, alone in the universe of Klimt.

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