Artisan Loves Wood

The Artisan's founders' love for wood originated in the forest in which they used to play as children. That love has never passed and is the core of their award-winning designs.
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'Blend' coffee table, Mirco Milicic / Artisan.


The process of wood turning into a prize-winning designer chair, cupboard, or table is quite complicated. Still, the polished beauty and organic designed doesn't get lost in the way when it comes to Artisan's designs, a signature detail being the fact that the actual wood is always reflected in the product's final design. To show love to the material used is not an easy task; therefore, the label only works with the best designers, one of the most notable collaborations being with Starbucks.

'Bloop' coffee table, Regular Company / Artisan. Awarded the German Design Award in 2017.


Even though the designs of Artisan have a Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, the brand's origins go back to a small wood workshop in Bosnia. For fifty years, the workshop had been excelling in wood craftsmanship, until it was decided to launch their first own line in 2007. Twelve years later, the list of the brand's collaborators include names such as Karim Rashid and others, but the original values of craftsmanship still remain the same. That essentially is the key to Artisan's success - the perfect mix of traditions and modern design.

Latus table, designed by Salih Teskeredžić / Artisan, awarded the Interior Innovation Award in 2011 and nominated for the German Design Award 2012.

The love for wood is not only reflected in the designs of the brand but also the use of renewable resources. Walnut, cherry, pear, elm, and acacia wood is treated with superheated steam, which achieves the ideal colour and accentuates the material's texture, without affecting the structure or the ecological values. Besides, Artisan uses only natural and environmentally-friendly oils, soaps, waxes, and varnishes for finishing, as it extends the life of the product and preserves the naturalness of the original material.

Mela chair, Regular Company / Artisan.

Neva Lounge Trimmed chair, 

Regular Company / Artisan. Awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2016.

The ambition to combine tradition with innovation became real ten years ago when Artisan founded the ARTECO Wood Technology Center. This center has become the driving force behind a new movement in the wood industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Until recently, this country only exported raw and unprocessed wood, but ARTECO focuses on developing new woodworking techniques, creating design prototypes, and stimulating the export of high-quality products.

The award-winning Neva chairs and Neva sofa, Jean tables, Latus tables, and Lakri tables designed by Regular Company / Artisan feature in the interior of Harvest Restaurant in St. Petersburg.


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