Chiara Ferragni talks about bullying she suffered on the internet

The Italian tells the harassment she suffered
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Chiara Ferragni is a phenomenon on the internet! Considered one of the greatest influencers in the world, it is a precursor to the movement of bloggers and creators of digital content.

But things were not always easy for the Italian. Before she even opened "The Blond Salad" and became a celebrity, the blonde used to upload her photos to sites like 2.0 and Flickr, in which she received a series of malicious comments from Internet users.



In her Instagram Story, the influencer raved about the subject, telling a little bit about her experience with cyberbullying, which has accompanied her from adolescence to the present (she recently received a series of comments about her breasts).

"When I first started The Blond Salad almost ten years ago, I remember receiving a lot of hate comments, especially online, on social networks, blog, Facebook and even on other pages also wrote about me. The comments were mostly anonymous and always said the worst about me. It made me feel bad at first, "said Ferragni.


"I remember once, after a director of a publication was very cruel to me, that I decided that I could not worry about it, I knew what I was doing was making me happy, I was expressing myself" and continued: I say this because I think it's important to be aware [...] there are a lot of people angry, if you get bad reviews it's okay, do not have to ignore, you just have to listen to yourself and those around you ".

The story does not end there. To fight against cyberbullying, Chiara joined Trudi and launched a doll in which all her winnings will be earmarked for an association fighting cyberbullying. The stuffed animal is inspired by life-size dolls that have gained prominence in their wedding and which their guests have earned as souvenirs.




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