Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin announced their engagement!

Hollywood idol Justin Bieber has officially announced his engagement with model Haley Baldwin.
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On July 10th, Justin Bieber 's instagram post surprised girls all over the world. He formulated an engagement with model Haley Baldwin . 

Justin and Hailey couples who have repeated a lightning short love and goodbye in 2014 and 2016. About two months ago, the two reunited again and again through their social networking paparazzi and their own social networking. Also last week, on a trip to the Bahamas, Justin offered to her and Hailey responded "Yes." 

Justin repeatedly sang nine times with singer Selena Gomez and seemed to have a sweet relationship with Selena until recently, when he broke up with Haley for a while. But he eventually broke all expectations that he would be with Selena and handed Haley Baldwin an engagement ring. Now that his whimsical mind can come true ...





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