Mona Lisa in "Baywatch"?

Let's play together. The most well know TV series of the 90 + some of the most renowned paintings of classical culture. It has been a very crazy concept - the bold ideas of an artist. Yes dear ones, the pop culture is capable of transforming everything, everything, everything.

Dan Cretu, neither more nor less, is the author of these ingenious illustrations that have already gone around the world. A photographer and Roman visual artist who never stops us from dreaming about his work.

This is how he works and how he manages to surprise us, work after work. From Van Gogh to Pamela Arderson, from Botticelli's Venus to the body of David Hasselhoff, his inventiveness has no limits. And to understand, nothing like enjoying his most recent performances, in which the rhythm merges creating a new artistic concept.

Of course, the reality of today could not be absent.


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