The Art Project Form: Sculpture, Lightning, Scenery

Changeante meets Aysegul Altunok (University Institute of Fine Arts Istanbul) – a collaboration based on passion and on shared values for form, an artist's way of using elements of art, principles of design, and sculptural creation.
1588773851130751 foto1
The Sea Moving Away
1588773888231160 foto2
Connections from Dimensions
1588773916034377 foto3
In Another Place
1588773941402504 foto4
Blend to the Crowd
1588773971831176 foto5
Sea Anemone
1588774011857586 foto6
Between Two Worlds
1588774031907197 foto7
Closed Area
1588774057409599 foto8
Trace of Fish
1588774081647656 foto9
Mossy Region
1588774105971363 foto10
The Winter Sea That Messes Up
1588774139424610 foto11
Sun Roaming the Roofs
1588774166915577 foto12
1588774190065594 foto13
On the Same Line
1588774215042267 foto14
Spring Clutter
1588774245660220 foto15
Daisy Hitting the Wind
1588774272192838 foto16
1588774301663372 foto17
Unexpected Corals
1588774328891875 foto18
Face to Face
1588774353775352 foto19
Waves Escaped from the Sea
1588774382733368 foto20
The Sun that Lays Down All Day Long
1588774420225675 foto21
Allium Cappadocicum
1588774453800118 foto22
Forget Me Not

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