The Most Fashionable Book About Cats

Cats is the new book by photographer Walter Chandoha who has compiled the cutest and most unlikely photographs of cats over time. A work that can be defined as a small masterpiece in its own way, this is a book that cat-lovers have to have.
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Love alert! Taschen has just unveiled Cats: a beautiful must-have book composed of pure and adorable photographs of cats of all kinds. Photographed by Walter Chandoha, clichés echo the evolution of small cat culture in the United States. The book is a tribute not only to the little creatures but also to the remarkable artist who died earlier this year at the age of 98 and whose compassion can be felt in each setting.

Through his work, Chandoha wanted to showcase the relationship between humans and pets in the years following the Second World War, but also the perceptions that Americans have. The master of photography felt it was important to combine three elements to capture the perfect shot of an animal: patience, food, and sound. His secret? He used a tin can to make a group of cats look in the same direction as he took the picture. But his most excellent qualities were to remain calm and patient, analyze their moments of play and rest and capture the true nature of his subject.

Cats Photographs 1942-2018" by Walter Chandoha edited by Taschen.


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