Why has Chernobyl become the highest-rated series of all time?

In the process of becoming the phenomenon of the year, the HBO mini-series Chernobyl, made by Graig Mazin, traces the nuclear disaster that happened in 1986.
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It took only five episodes of Chernobyl for us to forget the end of Game of Thrones and for it to become a series with historic success. The pitch? With breathtaking realism, Chernobyl tells the true story of the world's most horrifying nuclear disaster. On 26 April 1986, one of the reactors of the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine exploded, leading to the contamination of land and water, poisoning of hundreds of thousands of people and the appearance of a radioactive cloud passing over Europe. A few days after its broadcast on HBO in the United States, Chernobyl has taken the lead in the TV series top on the reference site IMDB . With a score of 9.6 out of 10, it has become the highest rated show of all time. With just five episodes, Chernobyl is challenging to surpass Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Also broadcast on OCS in France and Sky in the United Kingdom, the series has been widely accepted by the public.

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From the beginning, the viewer is immersed in the atmosphere of the USSR, with a bluffing realism, with scenes filmed mostly in Ukraine. A large part of the series are actors embodying characters that really existed, based on testimonials used for scripts.

The tense script of Chernobyl is what granted its success. This stifling atmosphere of the series takes a certain look at the accident, generating questions about our attitude towards ecological problems today. Historically, the disaster was described as a "human error", but the series insists heavily on the structural fragility of the reactor, talking about nuclear as a sacrificial system.

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If Chernobyl stands out, it's because it's very educational. After watching, the viewer may feel encouraged to open a debate about a topic that is often categorized as too scientific and only discussed between experts. Today everyone is and should be talking about it. Chernobyl gives rise to a multitude of conversations attempting to unravel the historical truth of fiction. But in addition to telling how such a disaster may have occurred, the series reveals what decisions were made at the time and how they were made.

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Although popular to the public, the series obviously have not escaped criticism. In Russia, Chernobyl has already caused the opposite effect and some kind of counter-series are expected. The TV channel NTV intends to give its version of the story by producing its own series on the disaster. The Russian response will address the event as the result of sabotage by a US secret service agent.

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