Barack Obama comments on Netflix

Barack and Michelle Obama announce series, film and other projects and partner with giant streaming
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As he himself says, "Change will not happen if we wait for someone else or if we wait for some other time." We are the people we were expecting. Former US president never tires of being on the move in search of new achievements and spaces - and we thank you for it!

He and his also engaged wife, Michelle Obama, signed a contract with streaming giant Netflix in May for a content-sharing partnership on various subjects and formats. A year after the official announcement was released, it looks like we are about to start watching what these two have created and the end result could not be more exciting!


Some synopses of the programs that will be launched over the next few years have been announced. The former president talked a bit about what is being prepared by his producer, the Higher Ground. " We created the Higher Ground to harness the power of narrative. So we could not be more excited about these projects. (We are) Touching on issues of race and class, democracy and civil rights, and more. We believe that each of these productions will not only entertain, but will educate, connect and inspire all of us, "he said in the official statement.

We look forward to this release !!! And you???


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