Discover the Modern & Sustainable Fibonacci Yacht

The concept is dynamic, easy to use, sustainable and welcoming. What more could we ask for?
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The American company Icona Design, responsible for the project, describes the lines of the Fibonacci electric vessel as reminiscent of a piano. Named after the medieval mathematician, Fibonacci, who discovered that the geometries of nature are based on sequences of numbers, the concept marks the debut of the automotive design studio in the world of yachts.

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"We wanted to apply a futuristic view of transport again, but this time on the water. Tomorrow's nautical experience will no longer be just for some aficionados - with the technological evolution and sustainability now offered, boats must be designed differently to embrace a broader spectrum of people and uses," said Samuel Chuffart, vice president of Icona Design.

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Based on new technologies, Icona developed the Fibonacci together with Hydrotec, an Italian company of naval architects; Terra Modena Mechatronic, start-up company that designs and produces electric propulsion systems for marine use; and ASG Power, a Swiss electric company. The project they created can be adapted to different forms of yachts and their most diverse uses.

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The comparison with a piano is due to its hardtop that rises like the lid of a grand piano to expose the deck. The main deck offers stunning views of the ocean, and, inside, there are two guest cabins. Clearly, the Fibonacci is not a ship for ocean crossings or even long cruises. Instead, it was designed as a boat to have fun on the water. It is aimed at a new, younger generation of owners, rather than traditional yachts.

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"It had to be dynamic, easy to use, sustainable, non-aggressive and welcoming, which are not typical features of conventional boats. I could see the Fibonacci as part of a fleet of yachts that you can rent for the weekend with friends or family members,'' said the company's vice president.

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