Forget fuel tanks and batteries

This new jet concept uses air friction to generate energy
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While the most current trend in business travel is the creation of electric and hybrid aircraft, a new type may soon emerge if physics really supports the theory behind Eather One.

The concept signed by designer Michal Bonikowski is way ahead of our time and Bonikowski says: "The unique design of this aircraft helps to reduce drag, providing more space in the cabin . I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I wondered what could happen if a big company liked to create this plane”.

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The plane features a revolutionary design! The Eather One uses friction between air and high speeds as its main source of energy. Although it looks like a jet of the future, the main difference between this futuristic model and contemporary hybrid aircraft is the triboelectric nanogenerators on the wings, which convert mechanical energy directly into electrical energy.

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The aircraft does not need fuel tanks or large batteries, as it will generate electricity from air molecules in the troposphere and stratosphere. This concept may never leave science fiction, but it has all the enthusiasm of the design that designed it. "I like all attempts to revolutionize flight," says Bonikowski.

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