L'Officiel USA Talks the Future of Streetwear at Project Las Vegas

Read all about what went down at the semi-annual fashion tradeshow.
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This past week, L’Officiel USA traveled to the great state of Nevada to attend Project Las Vegas: UBM Fashion Group’s semi-annual fashion tradeshow which has exhibited menswear contemporary and designer collections all under one roof since 2013. However, this go-around was particularly special given the launch of N:OW—an incubator that not only highlights up-and-coming fashion labels but also educates retailers and industry personnel on the unique style and culture of each specific brand.

In its first iteration, N:OW's primary focus was to provide a platform for contemporary streetwear brands, a fitting choice considering the virality of the fashion genre in contemporary culture, one best explained by Brand Director, Jason Peskin.

“N:OW will always showcase what is relevant and of the moment while discussing and analyzing what’s to come," he said. "It’s a creative hive that’s been conceived to focus on the relationships and creative exchanges that fuel business.” Music to my ears! 

The event hosted a number of talks, starting with “Flat Fashion” moderated by Highsnobiety’s Editorial Director Jian Deleon in conversation with Mike LaPilusa of Mandinos, Matthew Pantoja of Alpha Industries, and yours truly (Julian Antetomaso, Fashion/Managing Editor, L'Officiel USA). Topics of discussion included the merging and mixing of luxury items with streetwear, dissecting the authenticity of brand collaborations, and tracing the evolution of streetwear from its infancy to becoming a global multicultural and influential style.

“Our goal with N:OW is to create a hub that fuses together the DNA of fashion—style, culture, and innovation." —Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director

Next, WGSN's Rachael Dimit gave a riveting Streetwear Starter Pack keynote—a comprehensive and cheeky dive into the various archetypes of the streetwear customers, some of which you've definitely seen riding on the subway. The list included the retired millennial, the sports scholar, the unemployed utilitarian, and of course, the healthy hypebae. One by one, we dished about the design details they favor, as well as the key aspects that separate each identity from the others. Many of the attendees couldn't help but take snapshots of the slideshow as it was both incredibly informative and entertaining.

So why care? Well, as the streetwear industry continues to grow globally, initiatives like N:OW are imperative when it comes to creating an interactive and informative space where retailers and brands can come together. After all, everything that has to do with clothes, how we wear them, how we make and sell them ultimately impact our global consumer culture. It's thanks to events like these that we not only learn from the industry's past but can also plan for better practices in the future—and streetwear's just the beginning. We look forward to seeing what segment of the industry is spotlighted at the next tradeshow. 

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