Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $ 5 Million To Fight The Amazon Fire

Funding will go to five local fire organisations.
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Earth Alliance, the environmental initiative supported by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, pledged $ 5 million to help preserve the Amazon forest ravaged by fire. The actor, alongside Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth, launched the Amazon Rainforest Fund and pledged millions of dollars to help the lungs of the planet, as DiCaprio said.


According to the foundation's website, funds will go to five local firefighting organizations: the Protected Forest Association Institute, the Coordination of Indigenous Organisations of the Brazilian Amazon, the Kabu Institute, the Raoni Institute, and the Socio-Environmental Institute.



This year, the Amazon rainforest experienced an unprecedented increase in fires, devastatingly sweeping the area. In all, Brazil recorded 72,843 fires in the country, a rise of 84% over the same period last year. In July, deforestation reached an unprecedented level for ten years.


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