Maserati Ghibli Hybrid, the First of A New Species

The hybrid variant of the Ghibli has been unveiled.
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In the beginning is what you are. A mutant. Only by looking back, from the future, will they call you the progenitor. The first fin that cuts the water, the first paw that leaves an imprint, the first thumb that touches the palm. This time, the ray of evolution has hit Maserati's trident, made it sparkle with new energy, and Maserati has changed.


Ghibli Hybrid: faster than diesel, more sustainable than the petrol version. A rope stretched between oil and electricity, between the 1900s and the unknown. A cross: the firstborn son of tradition and environmentalism. The same performances, the same voice, the same mother's design. The revolutionary consciousness of the father. Hearing it singing on the earth's surface, you wouldn't distinguish the new creature from its ancestors.


Watching it run: 4 cylinders, 330 turbo horsepower. Look at it again: touches of anodized blue. But this sports sedan is a Maserati, there is no doubt. Available in GranLusso and GranSport versions, it has proverbially comfortable seats on which to enjoy the journey into the future. Only by radiographing it would you notice the differences of the internal organs. Batteries, with 80 kilos of less old energy. And then, its brain of integrated circuits. A multimedia ecosystem of user experience, governed by a larger, high resolution screen, similar to a tablet, highly customisable. Real-time updating of the software, maps that trace the changes in the world, roadside assistance for emergencies, vehicle health monitoring. A connection that allows you to bring your galaxy into the cockpit. Because the hybrid understands human language. A virtual assistant with which to turn on the oven while you are still with the steering wheel, with which to check the car batteries while you are holding a pan in the kitchen.


After all, Maserati Ghibli Hybrid is the name of a symbiosis.


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