Maserati MC20, the new era

The House of the Trident officially started the new course by presenting the supercar that the world has been waiting for some time in Modena.
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MC20 stands for Maserati Corse 2020 and marks the return to the future of the Modenese brand, the rediscovery of its original sporting DNA, its dynamic roots, its essential audacity. Sinuous and elegant on stage, it will be a missile both on the track and on the everyday streets. MC20 is the pure form of speed in Maserati style: an engineering sculpture that seems to have been carved, one stroke of a chisel at a time, from a block of raw carbon and which indicates the aesthetic future of the Brand. A work of subtraction: no frills, nothing too much. The purity of the archetype.

Thus MC20, born in 2020, will be the first car of a new era. A design that is so functional to performance that it is no longer a dress, but a form inherent in substance, harmony at the service of dynamism. We are beyond tailoring, we are at skin - not a dress: a skin. The shape of the MC20, which will soon be available also in convertible and full electric versions, is a chorus of elements that sing mechanical perfection. Because beautiful and fast can be synonymous. The sharp edges produce friction, slow down, while the sinuosity of the carbon fiber monocoque leaves the air free to go its way. The side vents are there, but not visible. Even the Trident, symbol of the brand, acquires its essential, archetypal appearance. And it remains a perennial source of graphic inspiration: the perfect number three, with a central element and two side elements, also returns to the rear window and wheels. The butterfly doors open with a twist, like wings that unfold upwards to facilitate entry and exit in the car despite the low set-up, ready to shoot. Sidewalk proof wings. The lower part of the MC20, always dark, in visible carbon or black paint, is the absolute realm of engineering. Here the work of subtraction concerns even the color: what remains is pure technology.

Instead, in the upper half, movement is embodied in the colors. Bianco Audace changes to blue with exposure to light. The Infinite Blue, in the sun, is tinged with the brilliance of ceramic. Mystery Gray gives the idea of a liquid metal, in a state of perennial fusion. And then there are the Rosso Vincente, the Giallo Genio and the Nero Enigma, deep and absolute, dark on four wheels. Six colors that rest on the features of speed to light them up with life.

Even the interiors, comfortable, bright and habitable as in the style of the brand, give a dynamic impression: textures made with laser, seats in Alcantara leather, here the color emerges and there it fades towards black. And the infotainment system, governed by a high-resolution screen similar to a tablet, makes the user experience all-encompassing. The audio system is the result of a collaboration, 100% Made in Italy, with the handcrafted quality speaker company Sonus Faber.

The heart of the MC20 is a V6 twin-turbo petrol engine completely created, for the first time in over 20 years, in the Modena headquarters: it is a Maserati patent. Located in the rear of the car as required by competition architecture, it is a single engine, with Formula 1 technology, which projects the Trident towards the world of racing. It is called Neptune and compresses the excessive power of the ocean and 630 horsepower into 3000 cubic centimeters of displacement.

A sea god armed with a trident to conquer the land that will bring the Maserati sound to its maximum expression, both on the road and on the track. Long last.


The evening of the presentation opened at the Modena Autodrome with a DJ System Olympia dj set followed by the performance of two 'half man half machine' drummers who set the rhythm of the exciting rhythm of the evening, part of a soundtrack composed by the sound designer Sandro Mussida, with a contemporary choir coordinated by Bjorn Thorarensen and the avant-garde electronics of Lorenzo Senni. The car then appeared first as a hologram, and then went real on stage, introduced by Mr. JWW, automotive personality, and Andrea Bertolini, Maserati Reference Driver. The event, as evocative as it is memorable, ended with a speech by Davide Grasso, Chief Executive Officer Maserati.

Among the countless guests, we recognized: John Elkann, Mike Manley, Lapo Elkann, Carlo Borromeo, Tomaso Trussardi, Ermenegildo Zegna, Alessandro Sartori, Piero Ferrari, Massimo Bottura, Tom Abihdana, Fiona Zanetti, Giovanni Soldini, Miriam Leone, Isabella Potì, Giorgio di Salvo, Giulia Venturini, Matteo and Marco Panini.


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