Rolls Royce Teams Up With A Space Company to Create A Brand-New Aircraft

"We have made great progress so far and look forward to opening a new frontier in high-speed travel."
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Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company, recently announced a partnership with the sophisticated Rolls-Royce to together design an elegant, technological and supersonic passenger aircraft.


The company already has a signed contract with the American Space Agency and will build an airplane prototype for commercial space travel, and is now seeking with the United States Federal Aviation Administration to create a structure for the certification of the aircraft for flight.


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Able to fly with speed equivalent to three times the speed of sound, the aircraft is being planned to comfortably transport between 9 and 19 passengers, who will travel at an altitude of more than 18 thousand meters. "We have made great progress so far and look forward to opening a new frontier for high-speed travel," said George Whitesides, space director at Virgin Galactic.

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Rolls-Royce, world renowned for its ultra-luxury cars, will use all its expertise in the manufacture of aircraft engines and develop the super engine of the space travel company's new supersonic aircraft.


Virgin Galactic believes that this type of travel will serve different audiences, especially business customers and first-class passengers. According to the company, the idea is for commercial flights to take effect in 2030!

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