Technology! Have you ever imagined a zeppelin-shaped business jet?

Celera 500 L is capable of connecting any two points in the USA without needing refueling.
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Unlike an elegant business jet, the Celera 500L from Otto Aviation stands out for its economic potential, about 18 to 25 mpg of fuel, being eight times more profitable than aircraft of similar size, with a capacity of 6 seats. The range also offers advantages: the 4500 nautical miles reached by the Celera 500L are more than double the range of typical light corporate jets, whose range is an average of 2100nm. Operating costs, estimated at $328 per hour, are equivalent to one third of the amounts offered by the competition.

To guarantee performance, the propeller was designed to increase the efficiency of the aircraft, preventing turbulent air flow through the fuselage. The ventral fin, in turn, is resistant to impacts. Each engine's six-cylinder bank is capable of operating independently; the liquid-cooled V-12 engine consists of a lightweight aluminum piston RedA03, enabled to operate with Jet AI and biodiesel fuel - another advantage over jets in the same category, which burn 50% more fuel. Positioned behind the cabin and with rear support, the engine is much quieter, offering greater acoustic comfort during the flight.

The shape of the wings and the fuselage promote uninterrupted airflow, reducing drag by 60% compared to other aircraft of the same size. Thanks to this laminar flow design, the range, fuel efficiency and maximum cruising speed of 460mph were guaranteed. The high proportion wings also promote an increase in the laminar flow of Celera. The exceptionally long tips guarantee aerodynamic efficiency as well as lateral stability.

When climbing between 15,000 and 50,000 feet, the aircraft, designed to fly above climate and air traffic, doubles in speed. With its rounded shape, it has six space seats, in addition to the right foot equivalent to that of a medium-sized jet.

With 448 cubic feet in volume, the Celera 500L once again outperforms the competition, like the King Air, with 350 cubic feet from Beechcraft, and the Citation CJ3, at 311 cubic feet.

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