Know a little more about the care and treatments of male skin

We invite a specialist in aesthetic dermatology to tell us a little more about the subject.
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The increasing concern of men with aesthetic appearance is growing. In all ages, ethnicities and cultures, the search for facial and body youth has become more and more prominent. That's why L'Officiel Hommes Brasil invited aesthetic dermatologist, Dr. Mariana Morelli ( https://www.instagram.com/ma_morelli/ ) to tell us a little more about the treatments and care of the male skin with 10 super tips and curiosities for some treatments.

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1 - The techniques of botulinum toxin application and facial filling are different from those made in women, in order to avoid feminization or distorted results.

2 - The male skin is thicker, both epidermis and dermis (skin layers), since the subcutaneous adipose tissue (fat) is less thick, which makes the lines of expression deeper than the female ones.

3 - The epithelial tissue of man is more susceptible to the action of free radicals, due to the absence of estrogen, female hormone natural protector of oxidative stress.

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4 - The search of men mostly for botulinum toxin is done to a conservative treatment of wrinkles and maintain some facial movements, smooth expression lines without total paralysis of the face. The major difference in the technique of applying the toxin in men is to maintain the position of the eyebrows, which are rectilinear in men and arched in women.

5 - Another use of the toxin in the office is in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, which is applied to the frontal scalp to prevent unnatural wrinkling in this area.

6 - The toxin is also used for axillary sweating.

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7 - Filling with hyaluronic acid in the malar region is done in cases of loss of facial support and rejuvenation. The chin and chin filling can be done with hyaluronic acid or more usually with calcium hydroxyapatite (radiesse), which besides being a filler is a collagen stimulator, these regions to be filled are the main ones to leave the more masculine face.

8 - Other assets used in the office for men's skin are peelings, such as jessner solution, mandelic acid and retinoic acid, which improve face thickness, color and oiliness.

9 - Today more and more in the market of cosmiatria are made specific products for men's skin, such as sunscreens with touches drier, antianges, moisturizers and shaving products.

10 - Another masculine characteristic is the higher density and distribution of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which causes an increase in facial and body oils.

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Always seek your doctor for the best treatment strategy.
Dr. Mariana Morelli - aesthetic dermatology
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