5 Apps That Will Change Your Way of Meditating

These apps were made for ultimate relaxation after a hysterical day.
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The constant flow of posts on Instagram sometimes manages to keep us lying awake at night, and the restless desire to answer the big questions of life also tends to arrive in the late hours. Even the insignificant questions in our daily lives  (such as: Should I try to make Dalgona coffee now? Did my neighbor see me through the window this afternoon when sweat poured down my head during that home workout?) do not let us rest properly during the night.

If there is one thing we can recommend to try in this day and age, it is meditation. Because no, your brain does not have to answer the questions of life at 02:00. The nice thing about meditating is that you don't really have to do anything. There are no rules. You can't go wrong. You don't have to do complicated poses like the lying butterfly. It's not difficult: you listen to the leading voice of the app, and the rest goes without saying.

And now, here are our favourite apps for meditation:


Are you still skeptical about meditation? Then you should try Headspace. The app contains cheerful illustrations, animations and tips, while a voice (with a British accent) guides you through the different phases and tells you what to do. Enjoy ten free sessions before subscription!


As much as we may try to focus on the good and promising news and information, the hysterical and sometimes fake news manage to get to us from time to time. If you often find yourself thinking negatively, Happify is the perfect option for you. The app helps you to be more positive in life - after answering some questions about your vision of life and meditation, the app will suggest meditation exercises you can do to become happier.

MyLife Meditation

How are you feeling today? - this is the question the app asks you every time you open it. MyLife Meditation is a good way to reflect on your feelings, and the app adapts to your current mood, making meditation suggestions based on your answers.

Meditation Timer Pro

There is always a chance that you will fall asleep while meditating. Good for a good night's sleep, but it can be annoying waking up after an accidental nap in the middle of the day. With Meditation Timer Pro, you can set a timer that will automatically take you out of your meditation. The app costs € 2,29.


"Take a deep breath," the app greets you every time you open it. Then, you will be provided with soothing background sounds that you can turn on when you are working or when you are going to follow a guided meditation. The app is more suitable for people who have already tried meditation, as it is less accompanying than most apps.

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