5 tips to manage your home office day well

Telework, work at home, home office, terms that are now part of our daily lives. However, working from home is not obvious for everyone. At home, everything can quickly become synonymous with temptation and deconcentration. It is therefore important to establish clear rules to stay focused.
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Just because you're staying at home doesn't mean you have to lose your rhythm. Sleeping out or working in your pajamas all day is out of the question. It is important to switch from home mode to work mode. For this, keep the same hours as usual. Get up, eat breakfast and, above all, get dressed. It is not a question of putting on your best outfit, but of adopting an attitude worthy of a workplace in order to remain productive. Jeans and a t-shirt will do the trick.



Organize yourself a workspace. If you have an office room, this is ideal, but if it is not, find a place reserved for your "work at home" days and conducive to concentration. Having your documents, your computer, a printer close at hand will help you gain efficiency and keep the same dynamic as in business. Before starting to work, establish a precise to-do-list of the different missions that you must carry out. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed.



Above all, do not stay alone in your corner during your telecommuting. In these times, communication is essential. Whether it's on the phone or via instant messaging, keep talking with your colleagues throughout the day. Another important tool when practicing the home office, video conferences. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams, these platforms make it possible to organize meetings and facilitate dialogue and task management.



Personal activities should not interfere with your work. To go in this direction, it is better to communicate your office hours to those close to you. It wouldn't occur to them to disturb you every five minutes when you're at work, so they can do the same if you're at home. Conversely, your work should not prevent you from having a private life. Do not be overwhelmed, you must self-regulate. While it's important to start on time, it's just as important not to work extra hours. Pretend you are leaving your workplace, disconnect from everything.



Don't stay in front of your screen all day. Take the time to take breaks to clear your mind, just as you would take coffee breaks with your colleagues. If you stay too long in front of your screen, you will tire more quickly and will not be able to stay fully focused all day. Get up from your chair 5-10 minutes, take a few steps, put away things, relax, but don't think about work during that time. You will see, you will gain in efficiency.

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