Angelina Jolie felt affected by Brad Pitt's comments

Her ex-husband has made some jokes on stage that directly affected the actress
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Oscar 2020 has marked the end of the film and music awards season! And of course, a month as full of events as this one has given us good doses of inspiration for looks, nominations for films and series and, as expected, intrigue. Angelina Jolie has felt disrespected for some of the jokes her ex-husband has made in his speeches.

Brad Pitt has gained prominence for his performance in "Once upon a time ... In Hollywood" and has become a favorite in the category of "Best Supporting Actor". Upon taking the stage to thank his award at the SAG Awards, the actor bet on jokes that - although they have amused many like Jennifer Aniston, made Angelina Jolie feel bad.

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“Let's be honest, it was a difficult role. The guy who gets high, takes off his shirt and doesn't get along with his wife. It was a great challenge. Great!”, - said Pitt in his speech and, according to The Sun, the actress understood this as an indirect.

Brad even commented on stage that he would add to his profile on the Tinder that won this award, which would also have greatly displeased the actress.

The publication says she wouldn't be enjoying the fact that her ex and Jennifer Aniston are getting closer again. Mainly because of the public reaction, because apparently she "does not like people's desire to see Brad again with Jen".

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