Bella Hadid Reveals How She Really Felt on Victoria’s Secret's Catwalk

One of the most popular models in the industry right now shares her thoughts.
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Bella Hadid has opened up about how she really felt wearing lingerie for Victoria's Secret and explains how the experience was different from Rihanna's brand, Fenty.

According to WWD, Bella claimed that despite having participated in the Victoria's Secret fashion show three times, she "never felt truly powerful" in her lingerie until she walked for Fenty. Bella even said: "Rihanna is amazing. For me, it was the first time on a catwalk that I felt very sexy."



The model continued, "I like being another character. At this point, I don't necessarily love being myself all the time ... Sometimes, on the catwalk, you get nervous or forget how your legs move."

The supermodel also discussed the impact the modeling industry has had on her mental health. She said, "For a while, I just didn't want to talk about it, and I've been through a lot in the last few years with my mental health. I felt guilty about being able to live this amazing life, the opportunities I have, but somehow still, I was depressed. It made no sense."



Her depression manifested throughout the day. "I cried every morning, cried during my lunch breaks, cried before bed. I was emotionally unstable for a while, working four months straight at 18. I think I just wanted to breathe a little. And that kind of put me in a spiral."






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