British Royalty's Favourite Print

Romantic and elegant, Liberty's print has been one of the favourite looks of more than three generations of British Royal family members.
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Romantic, elegant and easy to style, the Liberty print is a delicate floral print - the ideal option for those who want to bring subtle touches of colours and patterns to their look. It is no wonder that this is the favourite print of the most stylish members of British Royalty! Known for her exquisite and impeccable looks, Queen Elizabeth II has been seen wearing florals ever since she was a child.


Like the family, the print also has English roots. It was created in the 1920s by Arthur Liberty's beloved department store, Liberty of London, also known as Liberty's.

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Queen Elizabeth II in 1982 (Photo: Getty Images)

With a vintage and romantic aesthetic, the pattern is always coming back into the spotlight in different styles and for different body types, and always looks harmonised. Having a large catalogue of products (which vary from fashion, beauty, home, men's and children's items), the pattern has become a symbol of the company and its produced prints still inspire brands worldwide.


In addition to Queen Elizabeth II herself, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and even Princess Charlotte are fans of clothing in the versatile pattern.

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Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, with her two daughters, then Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in 1941 (Photo: Getty Images)
1590697267605456 gettyimages 52113959
Princess Diana in 1981 (Photo: Getty Images)
1590697267833750 gettyimages 52102649
Princess Diana in 1983 (Photo: Getty Images)
1590697268072764 gettyimages 1158207902
Kate Middleton in 2019 (Photo: Getty Images)
1590697268318940 gettyimages 815948188
Princess Charlotte in 2017 (Photo: Getty Images)

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